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2017 Next Concerts


13 May kl 19:00

Ölands spirar Konsert i Utmarken

First Accoustic Concert in the woods of Sättra,

I will be playing some new songs inspired by the woods and Öland, This will be a short acoustic concert of 30 min. Come to yellowbox at 19:00 you will be guided to the concert.


27 May

Folkan in Borgholm

I will be playing solo Concert at Folkan in Borgholm

The old theater has a really great stage.

Start 19:30 100kr at the door.


15 June

Folk Session in The Old Barn Corner, Vetlanda

With Jesters Hope

8 PM - 11 pm



7 July

Prästgårdens Café Mörbylånga

Start 19.30 100kr on the door.

David Adam will be joining me on pipes and whistles.



12 July

Kalmar stadsparken

Concert with John Spillane

I am very happy to have one of my musical heroes coming over from Cork to play two Concert.

Concert Strat 19:30


13 July

Concert at Yellowbox Sättra.

John Spillane

Start 19:30

Tickets 150kr


15 July

Valhall i Torne,



23 July

Tolg Folk & World music festival


29 July

Bläsinge Hamn musik Festival

Bläsinge Öland, Live with Jester's Hope

Guest: Yonas Kidane from Eritrea on Kirar

With Jesters Hope


13 August

Växjö Kultur Cafe


28th September-1st October 2017

Cork Folk Festival

I will be working with Cork folk Festivals Noel Brazil Contemporary Song Contest to Bring new talent to perform at Yellowbox Sweden


Oktober 20-23 2017

Wellington Folk Festival, New Zealand

I am delighted to be invited to play at The wellington Folk festival and travel to New Zealand. I will also be playing some more Concerts with the great local musician Julie Bavin.


25 Oktober

Le Café

London Quay, Picton , Nya Zeeland

South Island



28 Oktober

The Southern Cross

Wellington New Zealand

Concert With Julie Bavin.



29 Oktober

The Wairarapa. Sunday 29th 15:00 to 17:00

outside Wellington New Zealand


12 November

Solo Concert.

Långrådna Kultur & Gästgiveri

Valdemarsvik. 15:00


24 November

Solo Concert

Prästgårdens Café Smedby Öland 20:00


25 November

Concert Jester's Hope

The Tea Room

ÄLLEBÄCK 125, 382 97 Örsjö. Just outside Nybro.







































Past Gigs 2016/2017


January 2017

Friday the 13th

Solo Concert Kulturfredag på Borgholms Bio

It will be Realy nice to play at the Old Cinema in Borgholm Again.


29 Oktober 2016 (Sold out)

The Tea Room with Jester's Hope

Ällebäck 125

38297 Örsjö Just outside Nybro Sweden

072-243 08 49


28 Oktober 2016(Sold out)

Prästgårdens Café

Mörbylånga 38661

Öland Sweden

To book ring: 076-1711592

Concert start: 20:00ästgårdens-Café-465127606915932/



18 October

live at An Seomra @Wallis' Bar

(Concert postponed till a later date)

sorry for any inconvenience.

Hope to come with a new date in the future.


29 Sep-2 Okt

Cork Folk Festival.

The Oliver Plunkett 10pm-2am

We Banjo 3 + Socks in the Frying Pan, John Leo Carter €20


21 April Supermarket Art Fair Stockholm (“The Black House”)

22 April Supermarket Art Fair Stockholm (“The Black House”)

23 April Supermarket Art Fair Stockholm (“The Black House”)

24 April Supermarket Art Fair Stockholm (“The Black House”)



27 May At Kalmar Teater.


I will be Launching My New Album No Monasters only Toys.

Joining me on stage will be

Harald Erici, Piano.

David Adam, Bag pipes and flutes

Mattias Thunell, Drums.

Rickard Eriksson, Bass

Alaa Al Saadi, Song.

Fincha Carter, Song.

Tora Grahn, Song.

And Some Guests.

Further Details to Follow.


6 July Ölandsfolkhögskola,

Concert With Jester's Hope



21-24 July Warwick Folk Festival


25-31 July Tour of Ireland

Further Details to Fallow


6 August

Alvargården South Öland.

Solo Concert. 100kr entre.

Start 19:00


12 August

Kalmar Stadsfesten på Sveaplan.

I will be playing on Sveaplay on the Stage.

After me will be Katrina (från Katrina and the Waves)

Kl 18.30













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